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Donella Brooks-Gachett


Donella Speaks 

  • Changing the culture of therapy through tr​ansformationally diving
  • into human potential for growth , wellness and spiritual realignment.

Who we are:

        Donella Brooks-Gachett is a thriving MS influencer. Founder of This is What MS Looks Like organization and owner of The Donella Gachett multiple Sclerosis foundation. These organizations are dedicated to advocating and educating EVERYONE about MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

        Upon discovering in a 2015 medical article written by six well noted MS researchers recorded that 0.2% of African-Americans are at the focus of a disease affects--nearly half of the MS population.

        After seeing this, she realized that she needed to take a stronger shift towards educating the at-risk community. As Donella has been an advocate of hope in the MS community and an inspiration not just for those at risk but for ALL. Therefore, she organized and participated in many events, outreach missions, campaigns, and seminars and worked endlessly for the better future of her community.

        Moreover, shedding light on the importance of proactive detection, the necessities of receiving early intervention & proper healthcare is among the goals of her foundation.

She is an 19 year survivor of MS and has an inspiring, hope-filled story that has empowered many to live beyond this disease and other sister diseases. She hopes to bridge the gap by expanding her knowledge and help to all communities with a strong emphasis on underprivileged ones. By offering accurate information, education, assistance to fill insurance gaps and proper health care opportunities for everyone who battles this chronic disease.

        MS has one one the highest depression & suicide causing diseases. It’s true that there is still currently no cure; HOWEVER, by creating awareness, we’re here to provide hope! The belief that living well with MS is a possibility is what keeps us working soooo hard!! We are MS warriors 🦾!!

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