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Learn About Multiple Sclerosis From a 

MS Patient

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How to Overcome Hardship of Life?

Are you tired of hearing that all problems are just basic principles of over mind-over-matter? What about the theory that once we accept something, we can then overcome it on our own? Or, how about while experiencing insurmountable, immovable, crippling pain you have a doctor refer to as phantom pain? Sheesh!

Well, for over 15 years I did. Then, one day after going from hospital hospital, specialist after specialist & trying one medication after the next I decided I was done! My brain was on information overload. It was filled w/ a million useless remedies. I was sick of it all and decided that NONE of that was going too work!!

Yes, we all experience some type of hardship. Life is full of ups and downs. However, sometimes life throws us soooo many unexpected & sometimes devastating blows that we just literally can’t move. I thought it was over. I was done & then in a vision I was literally shown how to reignite my heart. I leaned HOW to empower all &.to let go of fear, connect to my sacred self and create the healthy life I always longed to live.

I learned to enjoy the challenge of getting better. I had to learn how to fail & how to heal.

I want to share with you the art of healing by using a few basic but life altering, ancient principles.

Let me teach you HOW to move, HOW to overcome & HOW elevate over things that once seemed impossible for me.

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This Is What MS Looks Like Foundation is all about letting people be aware of what multiple sclerosis is all about and how they can live a better quality of life. Reach out to me to book a schedule for MS seminars and other related events. You may contact me by phone or email provided on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a message by filling out the online form on this page. I’d love to hear from you!

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Make a difference to the lives of others who may be suffering from MS. You can do this by making a donation to This Is What MS Looks Like Foundation. Together, we can help them have better days!


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This Is What MS Looks Like Foundation

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Spreading awareness in Akron, Ohio and in all cities, states, and nations around the world.

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