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Balancing Sustainability for MS Awareness

Sustainability for this project will be balanced by illuminating the vast medical resources that MS already provides to its many patients. Knowledge is often empowering. Educating the entire community about something that could very well be affecting them will be an aspirating experience. 

Currently, there are mass percentages of the African-American population in the city of Akron as well as all cities, states, and nations who do not even know that they have this disease. Multiple sclerosis is the most widespread disabling neurological condition of young adults around the world.

Although MS can manifest itself at any age, most people receive diagnoses between the ages of 20 to 50 years old. Of those, African Americans have a 45% higher risk. This rate of diagnosis is twice as high in northern states.

Neurology and neuroscience advancements are growing rapidly in response to multiple sclerosis protection in the state of Ohio overall. MS advancements are already gaining progress by the process of maintaining change in a balanced process.

Bridging the gap by expanding knowledge to my community and offering accurate information, providing necessary and right educational opportunities regarding this often terminal disease is vital. The city of Akron as well as all cities, states, and nations have been influential in so many meaningful movements. This too will be a wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between all races by not eliminating African Americans who are battling MS.


For all voices to be heard, current information must supersede this process. Testing should be recommended. Many have been in the painful shadows long enough. This will be an inclusively amazing opportunity for all. Many have been in the painful shadows. As an MS patient who has experienced the confusion and trauma of misdiagnosis for over 14 years, I think this has been long enough.


What You Can Do

I would like to invite you to join Walk MS: Akron 2019 and help spread MS awareness and positivity to our community. Find out more about this disease when you book me for group and motivational speaking engagements related to MS. You may also be involved in this project by making a donation. Contact me via phone or email for more details.

If you would like to help us to achieve our goals,

please consider making a donation.

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