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Spreading Positivity to Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Donella Brooks-Gachett is a thriving influencer in her community and is the CEO of Donella Gachett LLC & founder of THIS Is What MS Looks Like org. This organization is dedicated to advocating and educating the community about MS (multiple sclerosis).

Upon discovering that a 2015 medical article written by six well noted MS researchers recorded that only 0.2% of African-Americans are at the focus of a disease affects nearly 1/2 of the MS population, she was deeply saddened. It was then that her advocacy foundation took an even stronger shift toward educating the at-risk population within the African American community.

Donella has been an advocate of hope in the MS community. Annually, hundreds have rallied around her as she guides a MS walk that raises money for the National MS Society. She orchestrates & participates in several events, outreach missions & seminars. Shedding light on the importance of proactive detection, the necessities of receiving early intervention & proper healthcare is among the goals of her foundation.

She is a 16 year survivor of MS and has an inspiring hope-filled story that has empowered so many to live beyond this disease and other sister diseases. She hopes to bridge the gap by expanding knowledge to all communities w/ a strong emphasis on those overlooked. By offering accurate information to prevent others from going through the trauma of misdiagnosis, countless lives can be saved.

Donella Gachett is a believer in Christ Jesus. She attended the University Akron, is a licensed Ohio minister, IPEC certified Wellness coach, and will be publishing her first book later this year. She currently resides in Ohio with her husband of 20 years, Akron police detective, Jerry Gachett. Together they have 3 children, Aries, Jaydon & Jordon and 2 grand-children.

Hello, I am DONELLA GACHETT, and I’m an MS Awareness Advocate 

This Is My Story 

I am a firm believer that nothing that I do without Christ will last. While Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future,” is by far one of my most favorite scriptures in the Bible, it would be silly to say that I do not get fearful, and I do not have bad days.

I am far from perfection or anything close to it. However, I am aware that Jesus Christ is the giver of all things. To me, that has always included healing, perseverance, wellness, and an admission and awareness of choice. I am in control of how I view a situation. Therefore, my confidence in Jesus allows me to remain hopeful and curb stress in days that seem to be really daunting.

Becoming a life coach, patient advocate, speaker, licensed minister, and MSadvocate was not just for the people that I help but also for myself. Trust me when I say there have been many dark days where I have needed to advocate, speak, and encourage myself! I do that through my faith and strength in Jesus Christ.

In 2017, I stopped eating meat and became vegan. I work out with a multiple sclerosis focused physical therapy trainer 2 to 3 times per week. My workout looks different than that of a typical “gym rat”. It is focused on strengthening my core without damaging my neck. (Learning the art of doing a sit up or a squat with this in mind, was most difficult. Geeze.) My workout involves a different more focused version of toning and stretching versus weights and tough cardio.

Now, I have founded This Is What MS Looks Like Foundation to help my community in Akron, Ohio as well as all cities, states, and nations understand and learn what they can do about MS. Give me a call or send me an email for more information about what I do.

How to Overcome Hardship of Life

Are you tired of hearing that all problems are just basic principles of over mind-over-matter. What about the theory that once we accept something, we can then overcome it on our own. Or, how about while experiencing insurmountable, immovable, crippling pain you have a doctor refer to as phantom pain? Sheesh!

Well for over 15 years I did. Then, one day after going from hospital hospital, specialist after specialist & trying one medication after the next I decided I was done! My brain was on information overload. It was filled w/ a million useless remedies. I was sick of it all and decided that NONE of that was going too work!!

Yes, we all experience some type of hardship. Life is full of ups and downs. However, sometimes life throws us soooo many unexpected & sometimes devastating blows that we just literally can’t move. I thought it was over. I was done & then in a vision I was literally shown how to reignite my heart. I leaned HOW to empower all &.to let go of fear, connect to my sacred self and create the healthy life I always longed to live.

I learned to enjoy the challenge of getting better. I had to learn how to fail & how to heal.

I want to share with you the art of healing by using a few basic but life altering, ancient principles.

Let me teach you HOW to move, HOW to overcome & HOW elevate over things that once seemed impossible for me.

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